"Mungu Awasaidie" See What Happened Along Limuru That Those Heading There Should Know

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In the recent days, so many number of accidents have been reported across the country. Most of these accidents according to the NTSA are being caused by driver's carelessness as well as passengers ignorance where they do not care whether they follow all the safety rules on the road.

Today at exactly 12:44 according to the report by Ma3rout, a serious accident has been reported to have occured in Limuru. The accident that is said to have claimed the life of one of the victims as some are seriously injured.

Further reports shows that the driver of a white was on a high speed after which it hit one of the vehicle after which it rolled over leading to the instant death of it's driver. Those who were injured during the accident have been rushed to the hospital for medication purposes.

This is indeed a very sad moment. How can we reduce these number of accidents? Drop a comment, like, share and follow my profile for more news and update.

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