A Country That Does Not Charge Tuition Fees For International Students In Public Universities


The beautiful and magnanimous country is called Norway.It is located in Northern Europe.It covers an area of 385,207squarekilometres with a population 5,391,369 people.The capital city is situated in Oslo which is known for green spaces and great museums.It is ruled by a monarch called Harald . People in the country use Latin as their writing system.Norway is also among the world's richest countries with a sovereign wealth find of $1Trillion and also among the happiest in the world.

Norway has for a long time adopted a norm of public universities not charging tuition fees for students irregardless of their country of origin.

Because of that,lecturers and universities are paid through public funding. This makes it attractive to foreign students to go and study there.The public universities enjoying the privileges are; University of Oslo, University of Bergen, Norwegian University of Science and Technology among others.Despite free tuition,it also offers good quality education.Some of the challenges students face is having old books.

If you want to study abroad for free,go to Norway.Thank you for reading.

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