The Mathematical Kiss


So after completing school, I applied for so many jobs but I was accepted into none.

One day I saw a job advertisement on a website so I applied to see what may happen.

A few days later I received a response for the job I applied for earlier.

It was a family who wanted to employ me as a home teacher to help homeschool their beautiful daughter who was preparing for a NOVDEC examination.

I accepted the offer as a Mathematics teacher and the classes began.

Lucky for me the beautiful girl in question was a girl in my area I've been crushing on for the past 7 months.

This was my best chance to win her.

In one of the classes, I was teaching her 'Operational Signs' so I needed to come out with something for her to understand easily.

I kissed her and then kissed her again and I told her, "This is addition."

She kissed me back and I said, "This is subtraction."

We started kissing each other so many times and I said, " This is call multiplication."

Out of nowhere, her dad came in, gave me a knock on my forehead, slapped my face, kicked me, beat me up entirely and threw me out of the house and he said, "This is called BODMAS."