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Men do not exclusively search for appearance in a woman, contrary to what you and I may believe based on our previous contacts with the other sex. Although it is a significant part of what attracts males to women. Even so, it isn't the only factor.

The opposite sex is lot easier to decipher than we are, so you won't have a hard time figuring out what they desire. To get you started, here's a list of sixteen qualities that men value in a woman over her appearance.

1. Make a happy face.

Men can't seem to get enough of your enticing smile. So, instead of making that sorrowful expression the majority of the time, flash your pearly whites and watch your partner get enthralled. A bright smile enhances your attractiveness while also making your boyfriend feel happy.

2. Cooking abilities.

You've heard it said that the only way to a man's heart is through his stomach. Yes, it's ridiculously clichéd. Men, on the other hand, consider a woman who can cook to be a plus.

3. Imaginativeness.

Boring people are disliked by all. You don't, and neither do guys. A lady who unwinds and reveals her playful side in a relationship is something that men really love.

4. Hair that is long.

This may be a matter of personal opinion, but if you ask guys, they will tell you that long hair is the way to go. Long hair is thought to be a sign of a woman's health and youth by the majority of males. So the next time you go to the salon, don't cut your hair too short.

5. Nature's Caring.

It's no secret that when males are with women, they look for their mothers. One of the reasons for this is that your partner wants you to take care of him like his mother did when he was sick.

6. Being True To Yourself.

To impress your partner, you can put on layers of make-up or even try to act cool about things you're not cool with. It's not going to work, though. A lady who is always real and true to herself is a man's preference.

7. Generosity.

Men desire a lady who will empathize with them and be there for them anytime they need it. He can only be confident you have such attribute because of your nice nature.

8. Self-Sufficiency.

A woman who is accomplished and self-sufficient attracts men. Men admire women who have their own interests and aren't dependent on their partners 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

9. A loud voice.

This may seem strange, but men prefer a lady with a high-pitched voice when dating. Why? Because a high-pitched voice is associated with youth and physical beauty in the male brain.

10. A Natural Compromise.

Men are just as concerned about the success of their relationships as women are. As a result, they hunt for women who are willing to compromise in their relationships. It makes it easier to work out problems.

11. Instincts of a Mother

Having a nurturing mindset is what this entails. Men, too, desire children and a family. As a result, guys deliberately seek for women with a strong maternal instinct. Your nurturing nature demonstrates to them that you'll be an excellent mother.

12. Red Lips.

It's not necessary to have naturally red lips. Red lipstick will suffice as long as your lips appear beautiful and appealing. Men are drawn to the color red, which they associate with positive energy, warmth, and motivation.

13. Sense Of Humor.

You don't have to be a wisecrack who can come up with witty one-liners and limericks on the spur of the moment. To be more attractive to your man, you should just be able to make him smile when he's down and laugh at his jokes.

14. The Spirit Of Pleasure.

While it's excellent to plan for the future, your partner would appreciate you more if you just stopped and enjoyed the moment. It's also a plus if you don't complain.

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