Ghanaians Troll Hughes And Berla Mundi of TV3 Because of This Picture.


Hughes and Berla Mundi, Two prominent at TV3 have been slightly teased after pictures of them and other colleagues at TV3 made its way onto various social media platforms.

However, They are been teased for the right reasons. TV3 since the beginning of this month has served to entertain and education Ghanaians with loads of content and events relating to Ghana Month. Today, the staff at Tv3 role played by wearing the attire of securities.

Hughes was fully clad in his uniform and took his performance more seriously as he was seen looking very grim.

This led to users asking "Why has Hughes taken the photoshoot so serious". This thus became the recurring question and thus subject of Tease.

Berla Mundi was also teased but it was for the opposite reason. Whiles her colleagues were playing their roles to the fullest, Berla throughout the photoshoot and in the final pictures posted was always beaming with smiles.

One user reacted by presenting Hughes and the rest of the team with marks. Hughes got 9/10, Berla got 7/10, Cookie got 6/10 and Dela got a 5/10.