Poor vs Rich|| Mzanzi Calls For Uniform to be Given Free After Seeing this Photo

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When someone says life is unfair, understand them. There are people who were born with everything figured out for them, like their whole lives have been prepared for them, and also people who are born into families that struggle to prepare supper every night. No one chooses the type of family they are born into. It’s all God’s plans. When someone says the rich will always be richer and the poor will get even poorer, don’t underestimate them. Being born into a rich family is an advantage to a better future, and being born into a poor family is a blocking block to a better future. Those who are rich use their advantage to create a bright future, while the poor have to work everything out in a hard way.



There’s a photo that broke many people's hearts on social media, a photo of what a child from a rich family looks like when they are going to school and also what a child from a poor background looks like. Those who are from families anew are always prepared for school, with a good uniform and full stationery. Those who are from poor backgrounds suffer the consequences of their background; they struggle to have a proper uniform and also struggle to have stationery. But one thing about education is that it doesn’t discriminate. Whether you are from a rich or poor family, education will never discriminate against you. We can be from different backgrounds, but when God gives us a brain, he uses the same measurement. See the photo below:


Many hearts were so heartbroken after seeing this photo. Some even argue that all school accessories should be free, from uniforms to stationery, so that at least children can forget about their backgrounds when they are at school. What are your thoughts on this? Do you support that uniforms should be made free? Leave your comments below.

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