Opinion| Ferguson family is still the powerful couple in the industry

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Connie Ferguson might have lost her husband Shona earlier this year due to corona virus-related diseases, but this couple has proven that they are the power couple in the country where they have produced a lot of talent that has graced the county through the actions that they have delivered.

They have made different movies that have got the country standing on their feet because of the content that they have produced on this that has won many awards, the actors that they have produced can be a true testimony that their work is well recognized by the people of this country.

Their production Ferguson films have done a good job of producing more serious fir multichoice.

The recent soppies that is lived by people is the Queen that plays on Mzanzi with every weekday at 9 pm.

They were also part of the crew on that drama that has acted on this show.

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