5 streets in Lagos that never sleeps

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Of course, we know that Lagos state is a very busy state in Nigeria, ranking number 1 in the list and among the top 30 most busy cities in the world. If you have ever been to Lagos, you can attest the early drive and activities going on as early as 4am. Most people who do travel every day for their businesses are commonly found in Lagos cities.

If you know working at night is prohibited, I can tell you Lagos is an exception of such prohibition. Here are 5 most busy streets in Lagos that don't fear the night.

1. Isaac John, Gta

This is one of the most busiest streets along Ikeja, Lagosians would ever know. They have spots, hotels and other business places that opens till the next sunshine. This is what really keeps the district busy and sleepless.

2. Allen Avenue, Ikeja

Being one of the top busy streets in Lagos, allen Avenue have been known to hold most strip clubs which most sex commercial workers operate in at night. It was disclosed in one viral video produce by one music and mc titled "Allen Avenue" during the nineties.

3. Adeola Odeku, Victoria Island

Recorded as among the top commercial hub in Lagos, it has several business such as supermarkets, restaurants and other hang out areas which get busy all day. It's located in one of the popular area in Lagos, the Victoria Island.

3. Awolowo road, ikoyi

Many Lagosians believe that Awolowo road never lacks an opened fuel filling station even at night. They are remarkably known to have a functional filling station, hangout spots and other interesting business sites.

4. Admiralty way, Lekki

Lagos state was not that popularly known for business until when it was developed and made to be the country's capital. Many cities have contributed to its popularity and Admiralty road cannot be an exception. It is located in Lekki, one of the popular cities in Lagos.

If you are yet to visit Lagos, or have not gotten to any of these places, I will encourage to have a check on this places. Thanks

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