ARSENAL: Young Striker That Can Help Arsenal Regain EPL Glory. See Martinelli's Amazing Qualities

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Despite not lately registering his name on the score sheet, Martinelli has been Arteta's regular on the left flank where he has proven his worth as an attacker. The Brazilian's natural athleticism has been the centre of praises he earns in every match. Martinelli never fatigues easily which makes it hard for the manager to substitute him for gassing out. As a result, he normally plays full-time.

Also, his pressing rate is top and remarkable. This quality has frequently brought into light how dangerous Martinelli appears in front of the goal with or without the ball against the defenders. The player always showcase his thirst for the ball and will do all it takes to chase for it from his rivals.

Arguably, speediness is one among the key features that define a better striker and this is what Martinelli has. He is recognized with his pace which makes him look so hard to beat on through ball and killer passes. Other than being an outstanding dribbler, he does not fear taking shots in front of the goal. This quality lacks in almost all the strikers in Arsenal which makes the club to look for a profile of such characteristic. If the Gunners boss nurture him so well, Gabriel Martinelli will surely spearhead Arsenal in retrieving their EPL Glory. Do you agree With this?

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