Norma Mngoma's picture with her lookalike friend leaves her fans amazed.

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It's not everyday where you get to meet someone who looks like you and you get to become friends. It's something that doesn't happen much often to have someone who resemblances you. Some people it is because of time. We get used to seeing them together so much that we start seeing similar features.

Norma Mngoma formerly known as Norma Gigaba is a businesswoman and motivational speaker. She has her one foundation called Norma Mngoma Foudation, director of Zefara Pty and advisor Member of Brics CCI and award winner. She's one of the most hardworking women in the country.

She has many friends whom she loved dearly but are not like Mpati Qofa. These two look alike so much that one can pass off as the other. Norma shared a picture of them together and it caused a frenzy with her fans. They paid attention to how lookalike they are. 

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