In Pics - Peeps congratulate Busta 929 after this, see what he did

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Parents sacrifice a lot to ensure their children have the best life and a great future.  Although no amount of money can ever be enough to repay parents for the work they did in raising us, most celebrities choose to  spoil their parents with beautiful and expensive gifts.  One celebrity who recently took to his Instagram page, to share what he has done for his mom is Busta 929.

He wrote “Just bought a new baby for my princess, I love you mum.”  His followers where quick to comment on the post and congratulate him.  Congratulatory messages started flowing in his mentions with the likes of JazziQ, Lamiez Holworthy and many more.

One follower said:” people are buying cars for their moms.  Blessings on blessings.”  Another follower said:”. First it was Mr JazziQ, now it’s you.”  Amapiano stars seems to be warming the hearts of their followers.  Recently JazziQ also gifted his mom a new whip.

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Screenshot of comments Credit: Busta’s Instagram @busta_929

Pictures Credit: Google 

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