Some artistes feel took advantage of by grant plans — Mr Logic

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Ghanaian showbiz intellectual and artiste director, Emmanuel Barnes, prevalently known as "Mr. Logic", says numerous artists detest being essential for grants plans since they feel taken advantage of.

As per the frank diversion savant, numerous artists feel they are not genuinely treated about compensating for their diligent effort during the time of the survey.

In a meeting with GNA Entertainment uninvolved in the 2022 Ghana Party in the Park send-off in Accra, Mr. Logic made sense that the issue of shamefulness among numerous Ghanaian artists was a consequence of the foundation board individuals' not understanding the stuff to order tunes.

He noticed that artists addressed the center results of grant plots and should be dealt with decently and not feel taken advantage of by the honor organizations.

"Numerous artists feel they are not treated decently with regards to perceiving their endeavors. They reserve the privilege to feel as such because they are the items that these foundations parasite on.

"In this way, grant organizations are to accomplish other things equity to the artistes than the artistes do to them. That is one reason why the artists are avoiding the honors since they believe they are being taken advantage of.

He, in any case, noticed that grants assume an essential part in the development of an artist, having said that they need them, particularly in compensating for their diligent effort.

"Most artists say that they couldn't care less about grants, however, you want them.

After difficult work, you should be compensated, so I think it's a good idea that your greatness is compensated and not your fame.

"Thus, I figure each artiste ought to mean to be granted in some way, yet it ought not to be the significant objective, however, it's vital to have grants plans in our industry," he said.

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