Great Gap Between Kenya Kwanza And Azimio La Umoja According To Opinion Poll Conducted In Nairobi

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Ground Imeshift: UDA Candidate Nixon Korir Shown Dust In The Latest Opinion Poll From Langata Constituency

The 2022 elections are around the intersection and leaders have pledged to do whatever it takes to garner the votes from the Kenyans. Still, it is unnecessary to argue that the competition is between the four presidential competitors but rather it will be prudent for one to assert that the race is between the 2 from front-runners William Ruto and Raila Odinga.

Photo: William Ruto and Raila Odinga, Courtesy of GridArt

The latest opinion poll was conducted in Langata constituency and the opinion upshots revealed that the current MP Nixon Korir will go home if elections are held today. Jalango will win with 38% followed by the incumbent at 29%

The opinion poll came at a time when the election is only 45 days ahead and the IEBC is preparing to have a free and fair election through the recruitment and training of clerks, POs and DPOs.

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