Zimbabwean takes Botswana football by storm despite his age

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When Tendai Nyumasi scored a brace this past weekend for his club Sua Flamingoes against BR Highlanders, there was a feeling of resurgence for a player that has consistently shown hunger and determination in the local league.

Nyumasi is one of the Zimbabwean footballers to have graced the local league and brought something different and unique with consistency across his long career.

The former Ecco City Greens star, who has been influential for Sua Flamingoes this season, scoring goals and providing assists for the team, is looking to continue his fine form with the club at the ripe old age of 36.

The player seems to be enjoying life with the new side, following his brace this weekend and is motivated more than ever to keep soaring high as he has been appointed the team captain by Zimbabwean coach Rahman Gumbo.

“As a foreigner, what kept me at the top was discipline and maintaining good relationships with coaches and those around me. It’s not easy to be a foreigner but focus and discipline is the key,” he said in an interview this week.

After so many years, it’s no surprise that Nyumasi is still dishing out his best performances. “l value my health, because l know my body is the number one and greatest asset of my career. If l abuse it, l would be abusing my career; so it’s a choice for me to be at the top of my performance.”

Sua Flamengos are newbies in the league and as the Captain, Nyumasi has a duty to motivate the young lads to perform to their uttermost potential.

“When they believe in themselves then the trophies will follow. l believe l am here at the right time and season.”

Quizzed if he will quit football any time soon, he had this to say: “I will see the demands of the body which is my asset, after this season and that will determine if l hang the boots or l continue for another season.

“After retirement there is so much in the pipeline for me. l am an entrepreneur;

I am into health and networking business and also an ambassador of Norland industrial Group. Not only that, our Fashion brand, the Tindo brand is coming up well and we will launch it soon.”

Source: https://www.pressreader.com/botswana/botswana-guardian/20211126/281809992164736

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