Total Amount of Refilling a 6 kg and a 13 kg Cooking Gas at Total Energies Kenya Revealed

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There is several sources of heat energy. In rural areas, most people like using traditional jiko and some use charcoal burner. Furthermore, using charcoal in urban centres is very expensive. Most people in town like using cooking gas or electric cooker.

According to the source, new prices of refilling cooking gas in some parts of the country have been revealed. As per the latest report share by Daily Nation some few minutes ago, it has been confirmed that still Kenyans are paying more for refilling cooking gas. For instance, refilling 6kg and 13kg cylinder at Total Energy Kenya is Ksh1540 and 3330 respectively.

These are bad news to all Kenyans especially those who are using cooking gas because they are paying more for refilling cooking gas.

This just happens after the government reduced the taxes of cooking gas in the country. The tax was reduced from 16 percent to 8 percent. Let us hope that the retailers of cooking gas will reduce the amount of refilling soon.

How much do you pay for refilling 6kg cylinder and 13 kg cylinder in your town?

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