Mzansi Be Aware, This Is A New Technique The Robbers Use To Search You


On social media, there's a new way for thieves to search you and steal your belongings that's been gaining popularity. 

This video shows precisely what thieves do to steal your belongings. 

and what they think when they come to rob you 

They won't just come up to you with a gun or a knife and say, "Give us your stuff," just because you're in front of the crowd. This is the new trading technique, and they're doing it smart so they don't get caught.

What they really do is that one person will come up to you while you're working and say to you that he is a nice person and that if it was anyone else who isn't good, he would have done this and that to you, and while he is talking and explaining all of those things to you, he grabs your waist and pushes you and makes some examples while he is searching you because you're focused.

This is a modern tactic that we must be aware of, since these robbers are extremely cunning when it comes to robbing people. 

Many people have cried out and complained that they have misplaced their phones and possessions in their pockets as a result of the things that these people are doing. 

Allowing someone to bump into you and then touching you and making examples when carrying you is not a good idea because he would be checking you and taking your belongings. 

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The video was posted by “South Africa live” page on Facebook

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