"Seriously Who Does This.? " Matatu Driver Blasted At After He Did This Blunder

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Road safety is considered to be one of the crucial thing for our day to day lives. Motorists and pedestrians are always urged to be careful while using the roads, not to incur any inconveniences or injuries. Once In a while we have got to experience some rogue drivers who intimidately try to breach the road rules thus leading to accidents.

A photo of a Toyota Alphard has led to a stir online after it is seen to overlap carelessly. Reports in a famous Facebook group sikika road safety, have seen the followers seriously condemning the driver. The matatu driver follows closely an overtaking bus, this is regarded to be an offense in the highway rules.

The photo literally illustrates one of the many human errors that do lead to road accidents. Drivers have been urged to refrain from this act of overlapping to ensure for safety of road users. Contrary to what the drivers are being taught in the schools, the driver decided to do the offense.

This has led to an argument online, others trying to condemn him and others defending him. You can see the comments in the image above.

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