Nigerian Prostitutes Invade Tarkwa, Forces Men To Sleep With Them: Angry Chief Confirms

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File image (Prostitutes arrested by the police)

Some parts of Tarkwa in the Western Region of Ghana are known to be the zones of prostitutes. Once a while, the police organize swoop and arrest some of them but that has not prevented the determined young ladies from desisting from the illegal activities. Their main area of operation is along the railway station where other forms of illegal activities also take place.

Even though they have been there for many years, they seem to have increased in numbers recently, but business has not been good for them. Now, they have decided to adopt a new strategy which seems to be working perfectly for them. They have sheds known as the ghettos where they have their affairs with any man who is interested in them.

For some time now, customers have not been coming as they used to so the only way is to lure unsuspecting men into their ghettos and force them to have an affair with them. After the affair, the man will be forced to pay the specified amount stipulated for the number of minutes he spent. The situation has now become the new strategy for the Nigerian prostitutes and the Chief in the area in angry over the development.

Nana Kwesi Ansah who is the chief of Brahabebome in Tarkwa has indicated in a telephone interview with Skyy Power FM monitored by BeaNana that authorities and the law enforcing agencies must quickly act on the issue because it is worrying. He recounted an instance where a resident rushed to his palace to make an official complaint of how he was forced into having an affair with a Nigerian Prostitute when he had no intention of that sort. Apart from the prostitution, Nana Kwesi Ansah is worried about the rise in illegal activities that have arisen due to the invasion of their presence in the area.

He wants the Police to act swiftly before it is too late. His concern is coming at a time when the Ghana Police Service has been organizing swoops in Kasoa and its adjourning communities to arrest prostitutes and other criminals where the majority of them have been identified as Nigerians. It appears they are scared and have started migrating to other communities where they will have their peace of mind to work. The Tarkwa Police Command must up their game in responding to the call by the chief.

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