Ladies, DO NOT do these three things when you're having your periods


Some women do not know how to take care of their bodies during when they're having their periods. Hygiene should be maintained during this period, poor menstrual hygiene can result to various infections such as bacteria infections, fibroid or yeast infections.

Germs and bacteria are normally very active during menstruation and they can easily cause infections if proper hygiene is not observed. It becomes very easy for the bacteria to spread from to the internal reproductive system when there's poor hygiene.

Below are some three important things that women should not do when they are having their periods

1. Do not skip taking bath;

It's always advisable that women bathe regularly when having their periods, twice or thrice in a day. Bathing keeps the genitals clean and prevents pathogenic microorganisms from invading the area. If a woman skips even a day without bathing, the microorganisms can rapidly multiply on the vagina surface and cause infection. General body hygiene should be maintained by changing undies and the sanitary towels regularly.

Apart from preventing infections, keeping your body clean helps to prevent bad odor.

2.Do not have unprotected sex

Though sex during periods has been found to have some advantages, it’s crucial to practice safe sex when on your period because there is high risk of getting or transmitting STIs like HIV during this time.

3. Do Not use tissue paper to control menstrual flows.

Some ladies have the habit of using tissue paper to control their menstrual flow when they are in their rooms not knowing the dangers of doing that. The tissue papers are not designed for controlling menstrual flows, they are not capable of absorbing the blood like the sanitary pads hence using them only increase the risk of getting vaginal infections. Tissue papers are also very soft and can be easily filled with blood.

The above three things should be avoided at during menstrual flow to prevent the risks of vaginal infections