HiIlarious Reactions To The Trending Joke, Sauti Sol Is A Group While Masauti is a Solo Artist

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When it comes to killing time and creating a laughable trend online, Kenyans don't lag behind. Comedian Alex Mathenge has introduce a joke online that it's hard explaining to his foreign friend that Sauti Solo is a musical group while Masauti is a Solo group. "How do I explain to a foreigner friend that Sauti Solo is a music group and Masauti is just a solo artist?" Alex Mathenge posted on his Facebook page.

For those who got the joke, they introduced new lines of a similar joke and it's hard to not laugh at the newly introduced lines. One Max Calvin totally nailed it by saying that he thought Mathenge was the plural of Kitenge and only found out recently that Alex Mathenge was a fake cop. "The way i thought Mathenge was the plural of kitenge,,,, later own to discover this name belong to a fake cop.....kanaflow," Max Calvin.

One follower, Cheruto, left most cracked up when she came up with the line that it's hard to explain how Babu Owino is a young man while Kijana Wamalwa is elderly, "How can we explain to them that Babu owino is just a young man while kijana wamalwa ni a old man in Kenya everything is possible."

What line can you add to the trend?

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