4 Types Of Meat You Should Eat Less Once You Clock 40

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The age of 40 is the beginning of the golden years. Old age begins at this age and the human body begins to undergo some changes. A wise person should therefore prepare himself in order to enjoy old age.

One way of getting ready to enjoy a disease free old age is by eating a healthy diet. Meat though a good source of proteins have gotten a bad wrap in recent times due to the saturated fats in them.

However not all the meats contain a high amount of saturated fats. Those ones that do not contain too much saturated fats ate considered safe for human consumption.

In this article, we want to highlight on those meats you should reduce intake of when you step into the golden years to avoid heart diseases.

1. Beef.

Beef is the meat from cow. It is considered a red meat and not quite good for our health due to the saturated fats in them. However, there are some portions in beef which is also considered safe.

2. Pork.

Park is another red meat from pig. It also contains a lot of fats like beef. It contains saturated fats which makes it unhealthy for people at the golden years.

3. Mutton.

Mutton is meat from sheep or ram. It is also a red meat. You should reduce the rate at which you eat red meat once you attain the age of 40

4.Canned meats.

Canned meats such as ham, hotdogs, sausage, corned beef, bacon have been declared to be unhealthy by the world health organization.. According to the world body, meats that pass through such processing are carsinogenic.

Instead of all these meats choose chicken, turkey, fishes and if you like to eat any of these meats,go for a portion that contains minimal fats. Such portion of meat are called lean meat.

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