Baby in the latrine found.


The Breman community woke up this morning in the neighborhood and found a latrine basket full of used tissues.The basket was in periodic motion which indicated there was something inside.

To satisfy their curiosity, they open the basket. To their shock, they found just a day-born baby inside the latrine basket. It was alive.

The heartless woman who did this to the innocent baby, put some used tissues into the mouth and nostrils of the a new baby to perish. Miraculously, the newborn baby survived till the neighborhood came to her rescue. 

These people removed the baby from the latrines basket and took the tissues from the nose and mouth and the newborn baby started to cry. A sign of relief.

A mother of two in the neighborhood who felt so sad for this innocent baby, quickly picked it up bath the newborn baby. It was a girl. She took the baby girl to the hospital for midwife and nurses to take care of the umbilical cord.It was not well, attend to.

This woman who picked the baby has decided to add the baby to her two biological kids.

People advise this good woman to take the baby to an orphanage. The possibility of the real mother of this mysterious baby will appear One day to create stories to claim her child.

Folks what's your advice when this heartless woman appears.

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