Is Ramaphosa Digging His Own Grave With This Lindiwe Sisulu Issue?

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Date: 23/01/22



At this point, it is very evident that Lindiwe Sisulu offended a lot of people with her opinion piece. Even members of the African National Congress are not agreeing with it and have asked several times for her to withdraw her comments And apologise. She has not done so and made it very apparent that she is not planning on doing so anytime soon. All these acts are putting pressure on Cyril Ramaphosa and it feels like he is digging his own grave the way he is handling all this.


As one of the most powerful men in the African National Congress and the whole of South Africa, Ramaphosa needed to be very fast in disciplining Lindiwe Sisulu. He has avoided doing this to the point that he allegedly faked an apology from her.

It was already revealed to South Africans that he believes firing Lindiwe Sisulu would hinder the chances of him being reelected as the president of the party. No, the longer he waits, the bigger the issue gets. The ANC has tried to call upon the NEC to intervene, all they could do is suggest that she faces the integrity commission where discipline would be installed.


The country is slowly losing respect for Ramaphosa. How can a man as powerful as Ramaphosa not be able to handle his own people? the longer this drag on, the more his chances of being the president for the second time goes down. At this point it is safe to say that Ramaphosa is definitely digging his own grave, he has to make a very important decision or he might suffer big time for his lack of action.

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