7 Important Prayers Before Getting Married


As we all know, marriage is the union and commitment between two people in an interpersonal relationship. Marriage is a life-time purpose driven activity before a man a woman and along the way, there uncertainties and struggles you really need to overcome to achieve the purpose of marriage and the purpose why they got married. In this life, it's prayer we need in whatever we want to do. So now, i will be telling you 7 powerful prayers points to pray about before you finally get married.

1. Pray against delay in child birth.

Marriage is made primarily for love and procreation. There are couples who waited for 8, 10, 12, 15, 20 years before they could give birth even when they had zero issues concerning fertility. However, science has made it possible for couples having problem with childbearing through the help of artificial insemination but its costly. Why not pray now so you save yourself energy of looking for money up and down, going from one hospital to another to carry out the surgery, the money you could have used to do better things.

2. Pray against sudden death.

This is a very important prayer point. Sudden death can occur in any form. It could be that someone slept and never woke up, someone was playing table tennis that he had heart attack and died or someone was walking and from nowhere, car crushed him and died instantly or someone just complained of headache/malaria/body pain, and the next news was that he has died or he slipped in the bathroom and died. Those are examples of shocking and sudden death stories that you should pray against.

3. The children you will give birth won't have any serious health issue or deformity.

Pray against every form deformity. Deformity in this case might not only mean bearing a child that is blind, deaf or dumb from childbirth. It could be that your child was born very healthy with no issue but maybe while growing up he was in school, his classmate mistakenly threw stone at him unfortunately it touched his eye and he got blind, it could be that on his way from school, she was hit by car which made her lost one leg to accident, it could be that there was fire outbreak that burnt all his body, deformity could be any of these and the sad part is that, it will be for the rest of that person's life.

If you could remember Mary Daniels, the amputee seen hawking on the road before she met an helper. She lost one leg when she was young and also lost her parents as well in an accident. How will you feel when your child has any of these, so you need to pray that any accident whatsoever that will take my child's hand, his leg, his eyes, God should thwart it and pray for this for your wife or husband.

4. Pray against break up and divorce.

We have heard of stories of people who dated for 4, 7, 8 years, got married and what we here at the end of the day is that they are divorced. Pray that petty things won't cause any breakup. There are some couples that have divorced over toothpaste, maybe because his favourite glass cup broke, or maybe the woman withdrew N2,000 for her husband's account because she really needs the money, maybe the woman didn't cook because she was tired, foolish and unnecessary things that will just separate couples. Sometimes, I just wonder that people will spend years courting, spend millions on wedding parties, give gifts to wedding attendants, spray money, dance during the wedding party and after everything they are divorced. This prayer point is very necessary as well, please pray.

Lack of money too can cause divorce, so you pray also that you won't lack any good thing, you won't suffer to eat, drink or find a place to live. Very important prayer 

5. Pray that every evil generational pattern from the husband or wife's family must be destroyed.

 I didn't use the word 'can be destroyed', 'will be destroyed' or 'should be destroyed' rather 'must be destroyed', that's it. This is because generational patterns will spread from one generation to another. It could be that in the man's family, they don't live up to 60 or there is a generational pattern of ailments/diseases(maybe diabetes, cancer, etc)from the wife's side or it could be a curse that in the man family, they will live long but in poverty or will be rich but he will short live. So if you can't break this generational bondage with serious prayers, it will be passed to your children and if they can't break it as well, it will be passed on like that and so many lifes will be destroyed.

6. Pray that your children won't die while you are alive.

 Giving birth is not easy, carrying the child in the womb for 9 months, breastfeeding and nurturing the child and then child dies is really depressing. 

Pray against burying your child with your own hands and commit his/her future into God's hand

7. Lastly, pray that evil hands/evil desires/evil words said over your marriage won't manifest

 You should know that not everybody will be happy that you are getting married to someone. It could that one lady loves the husband-to-be so much and she has been promised marriage but he married someone else. Surely, the lady will have evil eyes or bad intentions concerning the marriage. It could be that you disciplined someone's child in the past. The parent of the child was very angry and never forgave and even made spell on your future children. It could be that someone pretending to be nice person, on the wedding day danced with you and laid his hands on your shoulders but within him he did it for fetish reasons, that's an evil hand. 

There are so many ways evil can befall someone, evil people everywhere, things are are really happening in this world especially this Africa so everyone needs prayer.

Don't let anyone confuse you that God does not exist and that prayer is useless. You just have to pray the right prayer. And again it's not until when something happens that you should now know you need prayer, pray now!!

You should have a sister, a brother, a friend, a neigbour that is planning to get married, you can't memorize all these information on your head, so just share this post to them.

Once again, ask any of them whether they have done their genotype test. We are all educated, we all know the importance of this. It's advisable that before falling in love, do the test. It won't be cool that after completely falling in love, genotype issues will be preventing couples from getting married

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