My Life had being Threatened Many Times in SA and Non of these was committed by foreigner SA Man Say

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A South African public said in his Twitter account @BenjaminFogel that " I have had my life subverted on different occasion in south Africa, various weapons pointed at me ( not just for robberies ) Spears and pangas to my throat notwithstanding different things and not even used to be these shows committed by an external public.

Source and association: @Benjaminsfogel Twitter account.

He further said for the record the spear thing was odd and happened during strike. Anyway will calm down about my bad behavior stories. The truth relied upon my related understanding yet I have never being stripped by an external public this was done by South Africans.

The South Africa public was endeavoring to watch Foreigner living in south Africa because various south Africans think all new open remembers themselves for Crimes some are perfect. Additionally, not all South Africans are useful citizenry some remembers themselves for various repulsive bad behaviors.

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