Renowned Events Promoter Telehmani Visits DJ Evolve And Updates Fans on His Progress

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A throwback photo of Dj Evolve before he was shot(Photo/Courtesy)

Renowned events promoter Telehmani on Friday paid a visit to Dj Evolve, who is still recovering after he was shot and fatally injured at B-Club in Kilimani during an altercation with Embakasi East Member of Parliament Babu Owino.

Telehmani posted a photo on his Instagram page chilling with Evolve at his residence and said that he is just doing fine and he will be back to the showbiz scene soon.

According to Telehmani, Evolve told him that he has forgiven Babu Owino. Apparently, Evolve doesn't understand why Telehmani is upset with the lawmaker, yet they buried the hatchet.

''Met My Bro @dj_evolve Today and He is FINE! But to be honest he said 2 things. 1. He forgives @he.babuowino and he doesn't understand why I'm upset with that guy. 2. He is coming BACK!'' he posted.

Attempted murder charges against Babu Owino were dropped last year after he and Evolve agreed to settle the matter out of court. The court ordered him to foot the bill for Evolve's homecare until his recovery.

He was also ordered to set up a DJ academy for him and pay the rent to help generate income. The court also ordered him to buy a Toyota Noah for Evolve and customize it.

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