Strong Prayer To Say To God During Difficult Times And No One Will Stop What God Has Planned

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Prayer is an open admission that we cannot do without God. In addition to that, it is a way of communicating with God. Through prayers, our needs are answered by the Almighty God. Apart from that, The Almighty God gives us peace of mind, strength to overcome the obstacle, comfort, and his grace up us renews and restores our lives in Christ. Today, I am going to share with you a pray for those people who feel overwhelmed by certain issues, fearful, worried about something, or stressed up. Here is the powerful prayer that you should recite daily.

Almighty God, I'm in desperate need of your help now more than ever! Please provide me peace in my confusion, joy in my despair, and hope in my heart by sending your love to me. Lord, grant me strength when weak, love when powerless, and bravery when frightened. When I'm fearful, I need wisdom; when I'm stupid, I need comfort; when I'm alone, I need hope; when I'm rejected, I need peace; when I'm confused, I need wisdom.

Lord, you know my current situation; please, Lord, show me the way out of this complicated situation. Dear, God help me to understand that all the answers to my questions are in the life, suffering, and the death of Your Son Jesus Christ. Please lord, turn my suffering to glory through the name of Jesus Christ.

It is only you, O merciful God, that sees my struggles and suffering in this life, dear God, show me the perfect way of serving you, Lord. May the Spirit of the Living God convey to me a deeper sense of optimism and joy as I sacrifice my life for the sake of others. Lord, make me believe that I will never lack anything in your presence.

I offer my prayer in the name of your sanctified name. AMEN!

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