First child at the age of 35 Congratulations Zikhona

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Congratulations are in order to Zikona Sodlaka for having her first child at the age of 35. Zikhona is famous for her different roles on our screens, including Rhythm City,Soul city,Igazi and intsika and trust me you, people just love and adore her acting skills.@zikhonasodlaka on Instagram.

The actress announced the birth of her first born in the sweetest Manner ever. , Zikhona shared the news on Instagram as her excitement overwhelmed her .she shared pictures of the little one as she captioned it," every now and then,when you have the nerve or the confidence to take a moment and look at your life ...................."

"Here is to getting to know the 35 year old woman who is at the beginning of something new and wet behind the ears in this parenting thing too".

We wish you nothing but the best Zikhona on this road called ain't tough and it ain't easy.

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