What You Are Going Through Is Not Permanent But Temporary


A times in our lifespan, we go through disgusting situations that looks permanent but God promises that they are not going to last. However,for us to experience breakthrough, we have to live with a 'soon' mentality. What we might be going up against may look permanent in the naturals, but we serve supernatural God.

Just in a moment, God can make things shift in our lives. He is not limited by anything. If He want to heal, restore or promote will definitely do so without being limited. God is about to save someone at ones point of despiration. A Christian must have an agreement with God and have a 'soon' mentality. If the sickness is too great, the trouble too much and the opposition too great, He would never allow it. If we believe in forever lies we will get discouraged our lose our passion. An example from the Bible is Job, who was a faithful servant of God. He suffered illness, lost his children and belongings. He got depressed,sat down in ashes and wanted to die. He saw his troubles as permanent. He reached at a point and shifted to an attitude of faith and declaires,'I Know that my Redeemer lives.' Just like job we should realize that God is so much willing to change our situation, be it in financials, family, church, career and so many.We just need to start seeing things in a different positive perspective and God is going to turn things around. Nothing is impossible with our creator.Just speak to your situation and God is to automatically going to change everything.

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