Carl Niehaus says I will proceed to sue the state for malicious prosecution, see what SA says

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I will now proceed to sue the state for malicious prosecution. @AdvDali_Mpofu will represent me. I will never allow myself to cower, or to be intimidated. That case will take 15 years before it lands before the judge. Now you are using the same justice that is bias, don't 4get ukuthi zondo is the driver of the bus. Not so fast. They will reinstate that charge cause all you think is quick buck, Case will be lost, find yourself another lawyer/ Attorney, did the court say you were wrongfully arrested, or you were just not found guilty? 

Dali Mpofu is a good advocate but as Judicially members are deployed by ANC they made a strong force in the way that he lose every case before even getting debated in court no matter how weak or strong case he's representing, Is the funds needed for upcoming funerals? Is he going to represent you for free, or you going to pay him? I am just wondering, In this instance you will have support from most South Africans. Given what I saw on TV and read in the press, you have a legitimate case. Please greet Mr. shezi on my behalf comrade, hayi shem you looking for money again.

Someone said on Twitter that, do not the task at the Phala Phala Farm gate, Bro Carl "Mpangazitha" we are indebted to u and the passion, love u have for South Africa & struggle to emancipate the poorest people in South Africa. 

Superman said on Twitter that, Adv Mpofu is doing the lords work. You're going down. At least you won,, and you can't then be going around saying judicial is captured. Represented by whom? You are going to prison, or you will pay the costs. MPANGAZITHA, it has been a political persecution as we have seen it. 


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