Remembering Lady Maureen


Queen Lady Maureen or the Queen of Ohangla as she was famously known was a rare gem on the Kenyan music scene producing great hits such as Alemo, Jogi Jokuoge, Gor Kogallo and Raila.

She was an ardent supporter of Gor Mahia and a fervent supporter of Gor Mahia football club.

The late Late Lady Maureen had four children,she was the daughter of mama Margaret Akinyi.

Her music career was natured by Princess Julie who was a Benga singer, she used to attend Princess Julie live performances and one day, she approached and asked her how she could be a good singer.

Princess Julie not only taught her but also natured her to be an outspoken singer, she used to give her the opportunity of curtain raising her live events.

Later on, Lady Maureen met some local Luo song singers(ohangla), that's where she saw her passion. She thus started singing ohangla songs where she stood unopposed as the queen of Ohangla, being celebrated by all and sundry.

She became sick last year and passed on in her cousin's home in Migori County, the country wake up to this news on 11th of July 2020, the country mourned her and she was buried on 18th of July 2021.

Her legacy continues to live on and inspire upcoming and present singers.