Ghanaians highly disappointed over Anas Corona quack video


Anas Aremeyaw Ana's an international recognized undercover Journalist has finally released his video on Covid-19 quack doctors. It was aired on some few Ghanaian TV stations and social media. Ghanaians on Twitter has reacted to the video after watching it.

Ghanaians were not really impressed by the video. They were expecting something more intriguing that would cause a shake in government officials and Ghana health service.

The investigative journalist investigated on Herbal concoctions that were not approved by Food and Drugs board and would have caused harm to consumers which is normal to most Ghanaians because everyday people sell herbal medicines they believe can cure diseases that have no cure.

The investigation exposed some two brothers who were selling fake Covid-19 cure at a very high price. The Abdellah brothers is believed to be traditional healers.

Ghanaians felt this was something that could have been solved easily, instead of Ana's Aremeyaw Ana's selling Africa to the western world. They felt this could have been handled by Ghana Police.

Below are Ghanaians reaction towards the video of Anas Aremeyaw Anas on quack Covid-19 on Twitter: