Vera Sidika Opens up on Pregnancy Rumours And Reveals How She Is Coping With Marriage Life


Famous socialite Vera Sidika(Photo/Courtesy)

City socialite and businesswoman Vera Sidika has come out clean on rumours that she is pregnant. Early last month, Sidika wrote cryptic messages on her Instagram page that hinted she could be expectant.

Some of her fans even started sending her congratulation messages, besides news of her pregnancy rumours flooding social media. However, Vera has confirmed that she is not pregnant during a question and answer session with her fans on Thursday night.

Vera wondered who is spreading rumours that she is expectant since she has been facing endless questions concerning pregnancy in her DM. She further threw jabs at bloggers and claimed that for the last four years, they have been publishing false information concerning her pregnancy.

When asked when she is expecting a baby now that she is married to Brown Mauzo, Vera said that God's time is the best and added that she is looking forward to be mother in the near future.

Vera further praised her much publicized marriage with Brown Mauzo when a fan wanted to know how she is coping with the marriage life. She said that back then when she was active in the showbiz scene, she had vowed that she will never get married.

However, after meeting her celebrity husband Mauzo, marriage life has become so sweet. '' I used to be the type that said I will never get married. It was just wasn't for me. But when I met bae it was so different. We are best of friends. I never thought marriage would feel so effortless with the right person of course.

For those who have been asking about Vera's real age, she revealed that she is 31 years old.