I wept after what the doctor told me about my condition – TV3 GMB Volta Regional representative Said

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I sobbed as the doctor explained my situation to me — I was depressed. The GMB Volta Regional Representative on TV3 tells his heartbreaking story.

One of Setor's low points in the ongoing Ghana's Most Beautiful (GMB) competition has been exposed. Setor is the lady who represents the Volta Region in this year's Ghana's Most Beautiful (GMB) competition.

During the competition's last round, the surviving contestants were asked to express their experiences, and Setor chose an emotional path that has taken center stage on the internet. She claimed that she became ill while at home and that she had to summon the strength to act on stage despite the illness, which she described as one of her lowest periods.

As the show's host, Anita Akufo, inquired of Setor, "What has been your own personal moment in the GMB house as we move forward to the finals?"

"There have been numerous instances in which my spirit has been brought low." One tough time occurred, though, when I became ill while staying at the GMB house. "When I arrived at the hospital, doctors informed me of my illness and insisted that I remain in the facility."

As a matter of fact, I sobbed nonstop, knowing that I had a concert to attend and a crown to win." As I sobbed, I begged to God for help."

"My given name, Setor, means GOD'S ONE AND ONLY CHILD, and God did truly hear my cries, see my sorrows, and deliver me from the clutches of my colleague doctors."

I managed to win the award for best performance for the night, despite the fact that I was at the hospital for a period of time during which there were no rehearsals.



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