People with great spiritual/ancestral powered are so afraid to accept the calling of the ancestors

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Most people with great spiritual /Ancestral powered are so afraid accept the calling of the ancestors because they think their life will fade away , no more dating ,no parties and no friends.

Sadly if you have ancestral gifts , your life will never be normal and that is the sad truth and you have to acknowledge it .

You have been given ancestral/spiritual powers, to heal ,with great powers of seeing the future and connecting with the dead, and that my friend akusumdlalo.However, relationships are important to them as well.

Some pray and wish for partners that have a lot of money so they can take care of them, some wish and pray for charming and career orientated companion instead of asking for a pure heart/soul .

It can be quite challenging to find the chosen one, that's why most of you don't last in most relationships you enter but then ancestors sees the purity of ones heart long before you even meet them. The ancestors will match you with someone you never imagined dating.

you maybe be spiritually matched with a person with no money or good career but trust me once they have chosen someone for you it’s because they are good for your soul and won’t bring stress into your life.

It means your ancestors trust that person in taking good of them as well. Remember when you are a healer a huge part of your life is owned by the ancestors that reside within you.

Some healers immediately after accepting their calling, suddenly their love life/social life ends, sadly this is not a myth but it what healers through especially if you are carrying a (dominant male spirit) ,however one can always communicate with their ancestors.

you can always come into terms with your ancestors , as hard and challenging it is. You can determine on how much of your life they can control .

If you ask them accordingly and they accept your request they will than direct you to a man or woman that will be good for you and them.

I also know many traditional healers that are happily married, engaged and in good healthy relationships, I also know healers that are not happy in their relationships because they still dating the unchosen person.

I also know healers that are single not because no one wants them but simple Because ancestors don’t want to share. Like any other person, relationships do get complicated but it’s always different when it comes to people with spiritual or ancestral powers.

At some cases most initiates loose their partners while at the school/training to become a healer, you find that they loose interest in each other but most partners are cowards or don’t have patience to wait till the process is over.

some get ashamed and they dont want to be known as a person dating healers this case they run away. Most people that do not believe in our kind have so many cruel and discouraging things to say about our world .

Which is why I salute men and women who stand with their partners from the start till the end, this process can be very messy and requires someone who is strong,wise and matured.

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