WATCH: Grown men STASHING bundles of cash in their underwear after horrible act

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Cash-in-transit heists are on the rise in South Africa. Cash-in-transit heists have become so common in South Africa, with daily shootings and bombings, that security experts are calling it an epidemic. Last year was a particularly bad one for the industry.

On Tuesday around 18:20 in the evening, a CIT van was blown up on the N1. Four armed suspects made off with a WHITE VW POLO with registration NU85351. After making off with cash, there was some left and passer-bys helped themselves to the scattered cash. In a video clip shared by Traffic Journalist, Rob Beezy on Twitter, grown new can be seen stashing bundles of cash into their underwear. People can be seen looting left while the person taking the video is telling them to stop. WATCH VIDEO

This was a horrible act that had taken place. According to reports, five men were shit dead during the criminal activity. But all these men cared about was filling their underwear with cash! That is a criminal behaviour and they should all be arrested and jailed. Well, that would only happen if we had a police force and a judiciary who still served and respected the law. Sadly this is not the case anymore hence the flagrant disregard for the law and zero respect for others property.

Meanwhile, three security guards have been injured in a cash-in-transit heist in Mpumalanga. The guards were injured when an unknown number of robbers bombed the vehicle they were travelling in.


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