Before Bed; Dangers Of Eating Too Much Instant Noodles.


One of the best and most consumed food worldwide is instant noodles. It comes in different brands and alot of people love it because it's cheap, easy to cook and tasty as well.

though instant noodles are tasty and cheap to purchase, it has serious effects on our health, which makes it dangerous to be consumed everyday. Check out some of the dangers of eating instant noodles everyday.

1. Kidney Failure.

Kidney is one of the most important organs in the human system so anything that triggers it causes serious harm to the body. Instant noodles contains propylene glycol which slows the function of the kidney that's leads to kidney failure.

2. Diabetes.

Although instant noodles have tasty flavors, it also contain huge amount of sugar in which when it's consumed too much can cause diabetes.

3. Damages women hormones.

The high level of sodium present in instant noodles causes damage to the hormones in females when consumed excessively. It also cause acne and irregular menstrual cycles.

4. Contains MSG.

MSG is a common additive that present in many processed foods, it enhances the palatability and flavours of food. Though it's FDA approved, MSG has long and short term effects on the body when consumed too much. These effects are headache's, high blood pressure, heart palpitations and tightness.

5. Nutrient Absorption Expecially In Children.

A lot of parents give their children instant noodles just because they love eating them. But too much intake of noodle in the side of children is bad. It slows down their body development because it reduces nutrient absorption process expecially in children below the ages of 6.

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