Commando's Son, Who's An Actor Like His Father.

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Arnold Schwarzenegger 'Commando' is an actor, a businessman, former politician and professional bodybuilder. He was the former governor of California.

He was well known for his movies, Terminator and Commando.

His movie, Commando, made him very popular in Nigeria and that's what most people call him to this day.

Commando, born on July 30, 1947 is now 72 years old. He has five children and among them is a son who has ventured into acting just like his father.

Patrick Arnold Schwarzenegger, 26 years old was born on September 18, 1993. He's a model and an actor.

Patrick Schwarzenegger was raised in Los Angeles, California. He's the elder son of Maria Shriver. Arnold Schwarzenegger's ex-wife who he got married to in 1986 and divorced in 2017.

Patrick Schwarzenegger was cast in these movies; Go North, Daniel Isn't Real, Midnight Sun, The Benchwarmers, Stuck In Love, Grownups 2, Dear Eleanor, Warning, Scouts Guide In The Zombie Apocalypse.

Below are some of his pictures.

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