How to Import or Export Existing Emails by Outlook

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Outlook is a very popular premium desktop email clients. It is included in office 365 subscriptions. Peoples love it for its extra ordinary features and user friendliness. But it has an extremely awesome benefit. It is, You can easily import your existing emails to your new email address even if you change your mail hosting provider. There is option to export your existing emails to a .pst file which can be imported later.


How Outlook’s Import / Export Feature Can Help You:

Well! Sometimes, You may consider a new email hosting provider. But you are afraid if you lose your existing important emails. Again, You may have a office 365 subscription from Godaddy. You may want to consider to get it from Microsoft directly. Because, You want to save a few dollars. In that case, Outlook import and export feature can help you. Else, You may discover many other benefits of this feature.

How to Import / Export Existing Emails by Using Outlook Desktop App:

It is very easy to export and import any emails. In this tutorial, You will see how to do it in outlook 2016. But it is almost similar to 2010 version. Anyway, Here are the instructions you have to follow.

Export Existing Emails to .PST Format:

.PST is the best format to export your emails. It is also secured. You can protect it by your own password. Anyway, Here are the things to do –

Import Emails to Outlook Desktop App:

If you have followed above instructions or already have the exported .pst or any supported format file, You can import it very easily. These are the things to do –

It is really amazing that it syncs all of your imported emails. So, These emails can be found from any devices from any where rather than only the PC or Mac where Outlook is installed.

I believe it is very helpful for the peoples who is changing is email or email hosting. I hope, This article will help you.


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