University/College Students React After HELB Delay To Disburse Their Loans As Details Emerge

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It is clear that most of learners in higher learning institutions such as colleges and universities relies on the support from the loans that is offered by government. HELB is the Higher Educational Loan Board that offers loans to students taking either certificate, diploma, degree, masters or any other related course in the higher learning institutions.

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Students from different colleges and universities has failed to hide their claims after HELB delayed in disbursing the loans. It has come to our attention that most of learners in colleges/universities are yet to report to class and the reason being, they are yet to receive the cash which normally faciliate their learning process.

Their reactions actually come few minuates after HELB took to their official Twitter page categorizing the groups of learners that subjected to HELB loan beneficiary.

Learners have expressed their emotions as they request the board to pay them so that they emberk to their normal classes. Below are the reactions as taken from twitter.

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