What It Means When Someone Is Stalking You In A Relationship

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Relationships can be complicated at times when there's no understanding between both partners.

There may be someone or people you are trying to avoid having an interaction with. It could be your ex, or someone you don't like.

However, they may be stalking you after quitting the relationship or making them understand that you can't have an affair with them.

Stalking someone means you are hunting for a relationship with the person by pursuing them stealthily.

Your ex could also be stalking you if they are waiting in ambush against you.

This is a serious type of psychological and emotional abuse that a lot of women experience.

They encounter it after breaking up with someone they don't like, but the person still likes them.

Most men are not usually victims of stalking in relationships. It's the harassment many women face when dealing with someone they don't like.

The person stalking you will have a relentless effort to get your attention even when they are not welcome.

The person might even threaten to kill themselves if you refuse to have a relationship with them.

Someone you are currently dating can stalk you. Your ex can also stalk you after breaking up with them for being abusive.

They show terrific behaviors, such as stalking you from afar, sneaking into your house, hacking your phone to check your messages.

They also monitor your daily life, disobey orders that are meant to restrict them from coming near you.

This type of harassment can affect you mentally. It won't make you do some things without being suspicious.

You might not be able to sleep well, have high levels of stress and worry, despair, aggression, be unable to eat well, and many other issues.

It's usually dangerous to allow a relationship with someone who has been stalking you. They are inclined to commit domestic violence.

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