Hessy Wa Dandora Warned Them In 2020 And They Ignored But The Law Caught Up With Them Today


Hessy Wa Dandora is one of the few detectives in the country who has managed to bring sanity in the slums, which is always filled with high rates of crime. Many Kenyans have always applauded him for the good service he has been doing in ensuring that criminal gangs in Nairobi are dealt with.

In 2020, the said under cop toot to a Facebook group and warned two hardcore gangs from Korogoch to surrender the fire arms in their possession or face the full arm of the law. He asked them to voluntarily surrender themselves to the nearest police station or else they will face the full force of the law.

PHOTO: Extract from DCI Facebook post

The two Abbas and Borte seem to have taken the warning lightly and went ahead to terrorize innocent Kenyans. However the Directorate of Criminal Investigation has today gunned down one of the robbers along Kangundo road. According to a Facebook post on Monday night, the DCI confirmed that Abbas had been gunned down and a seske pistol recovered from him. They urged other criminal members to surrender or face the same fate.

Below is a Facebook post by Hessy in 2020:

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