Meet The Handsome Lookalike Brother Of Football Legend Michael Essien


Let’s discuss about the legacies of some diligent Black Stars players of all time and there’s no way anyone in Ghana and Africa can exclude Michael Kojo Essien. One of midfielders in the history of football not African football only but internationally. In this article I we will burst in the private life of the legend and I will expose to you his handsome lookalike brother.

Michael Essien and his diligence lead him to an unexpected success in his football career. He didn’t just achieved his aims but also he’s a blessing to Africa. And there’s no doubt about him been one of the triumphant Ghanaian footballer in history. He’s currently in his coaching career at Danish Superliga club FC Nordsjælland’s coaching staff. Michael Essien is indeed a legend, he played for Chelsea, Lyon fc, AC Milan, Real Madrid and many more. In this article I am to show you the handsome look alike brother of Michael Essien who’s also a footballer.

He’s also good looking just like Michael Essien is elderly brother. Kane is also fighting hard to be like Michael Essien. Below are some amazing and incredible pictures of the two stars.

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