"My Jaber" Kenyan Celebrities Who Were Featured In The New Hit Song That's Currently 1 M Views

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'My Jaber' is a new hit song from the heart the band musicians featuring a female artist called AnneChild.

The song is a Luo translated song which refers to the beautiful ladies from Luo land that make men admire them.

Hart the band presented the official video for monster hit, 'my Jaber' which is the sixth track on the third studio album which a simple sound track good for fans.

On the song, various Kenyan celebrities appeared in the video such as Jalango, Betty Kyalo, Benzema, Kartelo and many others.

Betty Kyalo, a former television presenter is among the few ladies who appeared more frequently in the video and she performed her part perfectly despite her being her first time to appear in a video song.

The song is already 1M views within 5 days and with 42k likes which means that its already a hit song. However, its trending number one for music on you tube.

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