Meet Diana B and her daughter, Heaven Bahati rocking in Traditional Attire and Other Outfits

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Diana Marua is a Kenyan musician and a content creator. She is famously known as Diana B in the music world. Diana is also a lovely wife to Kelvin Bahati, and a mother to two kids, Majesty Bahati and Heaven Bahati. Diana is a stylish woman who has extended her stylish nature to her daughter.

Diana Marua and her daughter, Heaven Bahati have shown their good taste in fashion by dressing the same. The two made people happy after they posted a photo wearing traditional attire. In these photos, they both look stunning. The background of the photos contributes so much to their beauty.

These two fashionable 'ladies' have flooded their Instagram accounts with photos looking gorgeous. Not only do they look gorgeous in traditional attire but also in other outfits. Below are some of their photos:

What do you think about these two celebrities? How can you describe their style? Leave your comments below and follow for more.

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