Video Of A Lady Who Caused Mixed Reactions With Her Dancing Steps And Busty Front During A Party

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A party is a lively gathering when different guests come around to be entertained, drink and eat. During this period, people come around rocking the best of their outfits. However, a video was recently posted by one of the reputable media outlets in Nigerian. This video has stirred up multiple reactions on social media due to the way a lady was dressed.

Looking at this video that was posted on the official blog of Linda Ikeji, a busty lady gained the attention of the people around due to the way she was dancing enthusiastically to the song that was being played. A lot of people placed their attention on her.

Let's take a look at some of the screenshots from the video showing how this lady was dancing:-

Cc. @lindaikejiofficialblog

Looking at the way some of the people reacted, some praised her while some told her to dress properly.

Read reactions below:-

What is your opinion on the way this lady dressed for this party? As a lady, can you rock this type of outfit?

Watch the video here

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