Several initiatives are in the pipeline and will be announced soon by the team-Togbe Afede XIV


We as Hearts of Oak has establish the grounds that, in every step we take it must have an impact in our club. Now that the all players are under insurance cover and a big amount have been invested in the team with other incentives. It looks too good to project a club like Hearts. It shouldn't be only phobia initiative but there must be something creative from the camp of the Ghana Football Association to make amends and introduce something like this to cover the players and the association itself. We are all hoping to get there but the trust of our leadership and their direction is questionable, as to when and how it can be done. By this deal, the club and its new partners will work hand-in-hand in the mutual benefits of both parties. During a ceremony to unveil the club's new bus, Duffour-Nyarko intimated that added the new union with the football club comes in the wheels of StarLife being adjudged the best Personal Life Insurer at the 2020 Ghana Insurance Awards. “This is a partnership of equals as Hearts of Oak has shown time and again as being masters in their field with a long history, commitment to excellence and a strong sense of community and ownership”, Mrs Duffour-Nyarko said at the launch.

At the launch, StarLife announced the Phobia Assure package which is a comprehensive life insurance policy designed and created by Phobia fans for. As part of the partnership deal with Hearts of Oak, StarLife also handed over a 47-seater Hyundai bus to the club for use on their travels. Mrs. Duffour-Nyarko added that: “Winning a football game and staying on top as a club requires discipline and planning and, these principles apply to life by giving them a little bit of advice to keep the playing body in shape.

With the new Phobia Assure, Phobians can sign up to policies such as the Phobia Child Education Plan, Phobia WealthMaster Plan, Phobia Ultimate Protection Plan and the Phobia HomeCall Plan. According to Oyerepa 100.7FM, the Accra-based Life Assurance company are interested in signing a similar partnership deal with Kotoko – who boost of the largest fanbase in Ghana. “I am particularly thrilled with this new development between our club and StarLife especially so as we have a common thread to be dominant and show our pre-eminence on our field of operation”, Togbe Afede said.

It is a real fact no doubt about it, every moment in time the phobians always take the lead but the fabulous fans also follow suit. This is the main difference between them (us), they set the pace for them to follow as the father of all the clubs in the country now. It was only Dr. Kwame Nkrumah who founded the republicans before the coming of the phobians after his overthrown by the military coup by that time leading to instability in the country. Knowing that Kotoko have a lot to learn from the phobians all the time from the performance on the field and off the field to the management of Harry Zakkour and other board members. He thanked the several management teams of Hearts of Oak that have been involved in the long process of making this dream a reality and believed that it would serve the best interest of both parties going forward. “Several initiatives are in the pipeline and, they would be announced as and when its due and, these are all aimed at building Hearts of Oak to be the dominant force in Ghana football and establish we among Africa’s preeminent clubs”, he added.