Is Abortion a 'sin' ? I don't think so; check out the reasons.

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The whole world wide especially christians have this mindset about abortion being a sin which is not so.

Christian teachings and doctrines have condemned abortions and regards those who commits the act as sinners and are seen as bad people in the society. The following discussions will help you understand why abortion is not and should not be considered a sin.

The christian teachings revealed that once a person commits an abortion, that person becomes a murderer before God. But what happens to the same person after giving birth and she's not able to take good care of the child and the child grew up to become a burden in the society?

Babies are born when both parties are ready enough to cater for the child. Abortions becomes necessary when unwanted pregnancies occured. Abortions don't only occurs during pre- marital sex. Abortions happens even in marriages..

Pastors these days even commits abortions after sleeping with church members to prevent their wives from knowing it. Abortion is a way of controlling childbirth and overpopulation in a country if practiced safely.

State institutions should be setup by our governments to educate people and societies on safe abortion practices and the beliefs behind it being a sin.

Let's stop stigmatizing victims of abortions and rather help in educating them on how to practice it safe.

Are you still thinking abortions is a sin? Do you think all pregnancies should be given birth to after they happened? Kindly leave your comments and thoughts in the comments section below and don't forget to like and follow my page for more interesting news and updates.

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