Homosexuality And Polygamy Which Is Evil? See Reactions The Debate Sparked On Facebook


Some western countries have been urging African countries to recognize the rights of gay people. Recently, the United States States of America (USA) had threatened various sanctions including Visa ban to any country that refuses to recognize the rights of the LGBT community (lesbians, gay, bisexual trans-sexual). 

Even a former president of Nigeria Dr. Goodluck Jonathan had revelled that he was under immense pressure from the West and especially a former British Prime Minister, not to sign the the anti gay law. 

This topic has caused a debate on Facebook after a user known as Dj-Roma asked a question on a group Fake Christian Pastors and Prophets, "How did the West manage to convince Africans that polygamy is evil but homosexuality is a human right?"

This question generated comments from readers who tried to enlighten others that homosexual behavior can be part of a person from birth and as such it becomes difficult to stop. 

However, see the responses of people in the screenshots below. 

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