Tips on how to get the Perfect Hijab For Your Face.

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Hijab is a headscarf Muslim Women wrap around their head to cover the head and hair. It comes in several designs, patterns and prints. We discovered that at times it is tricky to get the design of your taste, and you can get indecisive on the particular design to choose for an outing. 

Therefore, I will be highlighting the necessary tips to consider when styling your Hijab. 

Shape of the face-: 

The Oval Face- For an Oval Face, you need to consider a scarf in bright colors not dull colors with a flowy satin material sliced at the edges to create a breezy and casual look. It tends to cover the chest complementing the face. This kind of Hijab matches well on jeans.

The Round Face- For a Round Face, you should consider wrapping your scarf loosely around your face so it won’t draw attention to the roundness of your face. Fling it to cover your chest, this will help elongate the face by accentuating the eyes downwards. 

The Big Face- For a Big Face, start from behind your ears when wrapping your cotton scarf for the first time around, then take it from close to your cheeks for the second time around, leaving the end hanging loose on one side after wrapping. This is to hide the face from the side and make it look smaller in size. 

The Cheeky Face- For a Cheeky Face, you should work your big cheeks, they look cute and any style looks good. But then try to keep it simple, wrap the scarf around your head once and swinging the loose ends. 

The Diamond Face- For a Diamond Face, try to style your Hijab in the turban style because it defines the face and keep the attention your beautiful diamond face and you have got to show it off without leaving any part. 

The Heart Face- For a Heart Face, all you have to do is add volume around your face, and a good way to do this is by tying your Hijab with a super big scarf around your head several times and pleat one end of the scarf and drape it across your chest. 

The Triangular Face- For a Triangular Face, you are one lucky being, your face can rock just any style, because your heart face tend to look younger than your age, it’s advisable to flaunt your jawline by draping your headscarf loosely without pining it up. 

I believe knowing all these tips,you won’t just go ahead trying the ones that won’t make you look great rather you can get Hijabs based on the shape of your face, and accentuate your cuteness.

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